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Welcome to Evrybit 2.0. This new version of our app was rebuilt to be faster, better and more fun. This article will give you all you need to know to get started using Evrybit 2.0 and telling your own great mobile stories.

My Stories

When you first sign into the Evrybit app, you will be taken to your My Stories screen. On this screen, you will see all the stories you have created. To start, there will be none, but as you use the app more, this section will quickly become a nice list. There are two filters at the top of the screen: My Stories and Drafts. My Stories are are your published stories. Drafts are stories you have not published, or made live, yet.

My Stories
Your stories are all in one place.

Each story will show the title, the main story photo, the location and the date the story was created. You can go into a story by tapping the pencil or the main story photo. From there you will be able to view all of the bits and edit the story.

Create a New Story

To create a new story, tap the New Story button at the top of the My Stories screen, or the plus icon at the top right of the app anywhere else. This will bring you to the New Story screen.

The New Story Screen
Add the main information for your story, including photo and title.

From this screen, first add the key elements: the main story photo (when you tap plus, you can take a photo using the camera or choose one from your camera roll), the title and the story summary. These are the items your audience will see in the Evrybit app Discovery section, as well as what they will see in the story feed, which you will link to, share and embed on your website (more on this later).

After this, you can scroll down and add additional information. Set your story date (you can pre- or post-date your stories if you choose), the location (you can change the text here by tapping the text and overwriting it, and the location can be set using the orange location icon, which allows you to search). Adding a category will let users discover your stories in the discovery section of the app, as will tags (for searching), and if you are submitting your story to a campaign, you can set the campaign ID here.

Saving a draft will keep the feed from appearing in our live search and browse. Publishing makes it publicly available to anyone.

More New Story Screen
Add additional information for your story and save or publish.

You can return to edit this information at any time by clicking the pencil icon at the top left of the story in the My Stories screen.

Now, Add Your Media “Bits”

This is the best part. Once you have created a story, you can add all of the media “bits” that will make up the story. Once you have created a story, you will be brought directly to that story screen. From here you will see the main story photo and other information you entered when you created the story — and you will see a big orange (+) icon.

Add media bits by tapping the orange (+) icon.
Add media bits by tapping the orange (+) icon.


Tapping this will bring out all of the types of media bits you can add.

Add media bits by tapping the plus icon.
Add media bits by tapping the plus icon.

There are five (5) media production icons, from left to right: audio, video, photo, text and drawing. Tapping these icons will open the dialog to capture the bit, be that a camera, drawing interface, audio record or simple text entry. You can close these bits to view your story by tapping the (X) icon — the same one you tapped to open them. Let’s take a quick look at these.

Audio Bits

Capture audio with one tap.
Capture audio with one tap.

Press the orange button at the center of the screen to begin recording your audio — you will see the audio waves as the audio is being recorded. Tap it again to stop recording. You can play back by  tapping the play icon to the left of the record button. Note that there is a 45-second limit with the free version of the app. You can also load previously recorded audios by tapping the upload from device button at the bottom of this screen — this will show you all of the audio clips you have recorded previously in the Evrybit app. When you are done, tap the check icon on the right of the record button. This will bring you to the bit metadata screen (see Text Bits section below).

Audio is a very useful tool not offered in many apps. Remember that the microphone in your iPhone is at the bottom, so if you are interviewing someone, you may want to turn your phone so it is facing them while you are recording.

Video Bits

Record video using the camera.
Record video using the camera.

If you tap the video icon, this will bring up the camera recorder. If you want to choose a video from your camera library, then tap the camera icon to the left of the record button (not in above screen because this shows recording in progress). You can also switch to the front or back camera on your phone using the icon to the right of the record button. Tap the orange button to begin recording. Note how the button turns to a stop icon. Just tap that to stop when you are ready. You will see the counter at the top begin counting up. Zoom in and out using the pinch gesture.

Pinch inward or outward to zoom in and out (image courtesy Apple).
Pinch inward or outward to zoom in and out (image from Apple).

After you stop the video recording or grab a video from your library, you will get an edit video screen.

Edit Video Screen
Edit and preview your video.

Here you can crop your video using the timeline at the top of the screen. If you have the free version, you will have a 45-second limit and you will have the option to trim the 45 second section you wish to post as this bit. You can click the play button to preview the video. When you are done, click Save at the top right, and you will be brought to the bit metadata screen (see Text Bits below).

Photo Bits

Photo Camera Screen
Capture photos in the app.

Capturing photos is likely a familiar process to anyone with an iPhone. This camera supports flash (icon on top left will toggle on and off), switching cameras (icon to the right of the photo button toggles), pinch zooming (see image in Video Bits section above) and grabbing photos from your camera library (icon to the left of the photo capture button. Clicking the capture button in the middle at the bottom will take the photo. You can then preview the image and either cancel (tapping the X icon) or accept (tapping the check icon), which will bring you to the bit metadata screen (see Text Bits next).

Text Bits

Text Bit and Metadata Screen
Enter text and metadata for all of your bits.

If you add a text bit, you will get this screen. All other types of bits allow you to enter this information as well. You can add a title, which will appear over the media and a summary, which will appear below it. If you are simply creating a text bit, there will be no media displayed, just the text.

Each bit has a date and time. This information will be displayed in the bit, and it will determine the order of your bits. Bits are published in reverse chronological order by default. That means, the most recent bit published appears at the top of the story feed (users can reverse the order in the story feed, if they wish, to view bits in chronological order). If you wish to move a bit in production mode, simply adjust the date and time to a time higher than the bit you want it to appear above and lower than the bit you want it to appear below.

Finally, you can select the location. As with the story, you can choose the location using the icon, and edit the text by tapping in the area where the location is shown in the screen (Los Angeles above). When you are done, publishing the bit will add it to your story and make it available in real time to anyone who is viewing your story feed.

Drawing Bits

Make cool drawings with your finger.
Make cool drawings with your finger.

You can use our drawing tool to create custom drawings. Draw directly on the canvas, or tap the camera icon at the top left to choose a photo to draw on top of. Tapping the colored square will allow you to choose a color (shown above). You can set the brush width by tapping the icon with the three lines and moving the slider to the left (thinner line) or right (fatter line), you can also undo/redo using the arrows and clear the screen.

Choose colors, brush width and photos, then draw with your finger.
Choose colors, brush width and photos, then draw with your finger.

When you are done with your masterpiece, tap the check icon, preview the image (you have the chance to tap X and return to the drawing, or approve with another check), then enter the metadata as you would with a text bit (see Text Bits above for more information).

Share and Embed Your Bits

Once your story is published, you can share the story feed directly or embed it onto a web page. In the case of live event coverage, you may want to set up your embed on a web page before the event. Once the event begins, you can start capturing bits and promote the event. With other types of stories, you may set up the embed when you are done with the story, or in the process of creating the story. That is up to you.

Share or embed your story.
Share or embed your story.

Tapping the share icon (see the Now Add Your Media “Bits” section above will open the share and embed dialog. The share icon is the second icon from the right at the top of the screen, a rectangle with an arrow at the top). You have a number of options here.

  • Share on Facebook will prompt you to log in to Facebook and post your story.
  • Share on Twitter will log you into Twitter and post the story and a short URL as a tweet.
  • Share via Email will allow you to email the short URL to anyone you choose.
  • Share via Message allows you to send the short URL via text message.
  • Copy Embed Code will copy the embed HTML code to your phone’s clipboard, allowing you to paste it into another app.
  • Email Embed Code will allow you to email the HTML embed code to anyone (including yourself so you can easily access it via your desktop or laptop).
  • Copy Story Link will copy the short URL to your clipboard so you can paste it into another app.
  • Cancel will close this dialog.

View and Edit Your Profile

You can edit your profile by tapping the profile icon (second from left in navigation bar at the bottom of the app).

Edit your profile information.
Edit your profile information.

Here you can edit the information others will see about you. Your profile photo is important. Add a photo with the camera icon for the first time, or change using the pencil icon. You can take your photo right here or choose one from your camera library. Your Byline is what users will see at the top of each story. Username is used to identify you. Your base location can be set using the icon, and the text can be changed by  tapping the text to the left of it (here: Los Angeles). Add your website URL. And you can also add a bio so people can learn more about you. This will become more important as we add additional social features into the Evrybit app and environment.

Browse and Search Other Stories

Finding other stories is a fun part of using Evrybit.  You can always see Evrybit stories on people’s websites or if they share them to you through messages or social media, but using the discovery screen, you can browse and search for stories to see what others have created and find inspiration. To get here, tap the Discover icon at the left of the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.

Tap on categories to view stories in them.
Tap on categories to view stories in them.

The easiest way to view stories is to tap on a category to view the stories in that category. From here, tap a story title to view the story feed.

Tapping a category will show stories in that category.
Tapping a category will show stories in that category.

You can also search by tapping the search icon at the top right of the main discovery screen. Type in your search criteria, and it will show you stories that match. Tap the X icon on the top right to close the search bar.

Enter search criteria and hit enter to see more stories.
Enter search criteria, and tap Search to see more stories.

Make Some Great Stories

That’s it for the introduction to our 2.0 app. We hope you have a great time creating and viewing stories. Please send us any good stories to stories @getevrybit.com. We would love to see what you create.

Note: We are still in beta with 2.0. Sign up if you would like access.

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