Evrybit Wins Startup Pitch Competition at LOFT Coder Summit


Many words have been written about the startup life. Few capture the essence of the struggle better than Latin poet Prudentius in the “Psychomachia,” or “Battle for the Soul of Man,” his epic poem from the fifth century A.D.

No virtue enters the battle without the help of Patience. Only Patience has the strength needed by all the others.

In other words, keep hustling. No matter what.

The average startup takes seven years to find success.

We must be ahead of the game with Evrybit. It only took us four years to win a pitch competition.

After winning the top prize at the LOFT Coder Summit at UCLA on Nov. 19, we are ready to conquer the world.

We were beginning to worry that no one besides our mom could appreciate our vision. And even she was beginning to waffle.

We appreciate the honor of winning the competition and are grateful for the validation.

Here are the slides from our pitch.

We plan to leverage this win to further our mission: inform and connect the world through storytelling.

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