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CampfireStories have been around since the beginning of time. But technology, for all its advances, has dehumanized the art of storytelling.

Now we send messages via text and social media platforms. We communicate with pieces of information, through bits of media. Often those bits and pieces lack context and depth. They don’t provide narrative, or structure. They stand alone. In silos. On islands. Only heard in echo chambers.

Software has connected the world like never before, yet humans remain more disconnected than ever. So while everyone has a story to tell, not everyone is telling those stories. As a result, we have stopped evolving.

Stories make us human. Storytelling is one of our most basic of human comforts. We need stories to thrive. In fact, our emotional systems need narratives to survive, the same way cars need gas to drive. Without narrative patterns, we are running on empty. And we won’t go far.

The good news is this human problem has a solution: humanize stories. We do this every day with Evrybit, our live mobile storytelling app.

Stories are a powerful tool for teaching and learning, and Evrybit is a powerful tool for telling stories with smartphones. We want to help you tell your story, whatever that story is, in a more human way.

Do you have a business? We can create custom content to better promote your business on social media, acquire more customers and boost revenue.

Do you have a special event? We can document your story for posterity.

Send us your content.

We will work with you to create a story that reflects your business or captures your personal moment using audio, video, photos, text and drawing. You can send us the media, or we can tell the story in person. We will use our expertise in storytelling and social media to assemble all of the media elements into a comprehensive story.

You get your story.

We will send you the story link and help you to get it set up on your website and shared to your social media followers.

So why Evrybit?

1. We are mobile first.

Mobile is the new campfire. Our story feed works great on all devices, from the smallest mobile screen to desktop computers or even HD TVs. It is responsive design, flexible, and works with any website or on its own. We create a competitive edge for professional brands and make life easier for individuals in our mobile world.

2. Interactive.

Evrybit stories are sensory experiences. By using different types of media elements — audio, video, photos, drawings and text — readers, viewers and listeners become active participants in a story and not just passive observers.

3. Create your own stories.

We will put together your first story. From there, you can take it wherever you want. Our iPhone app (Android is coming soon) is great for covering events, telling stories about the products and people that make up your company or organizations. Our app is easy and fun to use, and having us create a story first will allow you to learn some best practices and get up and running fast. As the old saying goes, give a person a story, and that person will have a story for a day. Teach a person to tell a story, and that person will have stories for a lifetime. Or something like that.

4. It’s real-time.

Our story feed is real-time. As you are telling your story, anyone who is watching the feed will be notified instantaneously when you post new media. This makes for a great way to tell live stories about events you attend or events you hold and lets your audience share that experience with you. If you want, you also can monetize your content, or make money on your story.

5. Social media friendly.

Every aspect of your stories is shareable via social media. You can share them directly from the app or the story feed.

6. And new.

Changing behaviors can be challenging. People get used to doing things a certain way for a long time, and it feels comfortable. What feels right isn’t always what’s best. Evrybit offers a new way of storytelling and reaching an audience. We would would love to show you how.

Want more? You got it.

Along with your Evrybit story, storytelling best practices and social media training, we will include a one-year Evrybit pro subscription ($60 value). You also will jump to the head of the line for our Gabriel García Márquez private beta. That’s the codename for our 2.0 iOS app, which will have enhanced collaboration, story consumption and monetization features.

All of this mobile media marketing as a service (MAAS) can be yours for just $99.

That’s a small price to pay to restore humanity.

Get your Evrybit story by clicking here.

Photo: Jerry Kirkhart/Flickr

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