Examples of Mobile Stories You Can Tell With Evrybit

Pope Francis and mobile phonesEvrybit can be used for all types of storytelling. The only limit is imagination. Here are some examples of stories that can be told with Evrybit.

Live Events: WeHack2016 Hackathon | LOFT Retreat | LION Summit

Sports: Ronda Rousey at UFC 190 | High School Football

News: Highway 101 Brushfire | Kidworks Fundraiser

Life and Culture: Homeboy Industries Art and Healing | Birdseed Concert

Business: Latino Startup Alliance  | Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Leaders Program

Collaborative Reporting: Pope in New York City

Community Coverage: Dream Alliance | Farmers Market | Creative Writing Class

Schools: College Track Watts | Halloween Costume Contest

Investigative Journalism: Rubbish Land

Personal Narrative: Birth of Cal Ortiz | Safari Park Trip | Statistician’s Life

Brand Marketing: 7 Generation Games | Bellmont Partners

Custom Stories: Clos Solène | Forgotten Trail | Pro Rugby Agency

Campaigns: Life of Purpose

Evrybit is available on iPhones in the App Store. Download now for free. We also create stories for $99. To learn more about our custom storytelling service, click here.

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