When You Have a Story to Tell

Team MoblishI am taking a Management Science and Engineering class at Stanford called Technology Venture Formation — MS&E 273. We are learning the process of entrepreneurship by doing.

It is a great experience.

In the class, we form a four-person team (CEO, CFO, CMO and CTO) and work with two mentors to explore the opportunity to build a business around a technology development. At the end of the quarter, we give our pitch in front of real-world venture capitalists.

Our business is Moblish. The team is composed of me, Ana Maria Carrano, Manvi Mahana and Mai Lui. Our mentors are Randy Haldeman and Rahul Sharma.

We are excited to build something great that can disrupt the journalism industry. We are creating a company that can transform the world.

Moblish. When you have a story to tell.

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